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In the past few years the Friends have been raising money for the refurbishment of the Archives building.  We contributed over £130,000, from our own funds and by applying to numerous national and local charities for grants.  The refurbishment is now complete and has been a resounding success.

​Buying documents for the Archives when they come on the open market is a major task for the Friends.  Recently we  bought bundles of assorted documents, which originated with a firm of Gloucester solicitors, and which were found in a local junk shop.

We've also recently bid successfully for 18th Century manorial documents relating to Painswick when they were put up for auction.  Painswick Local History Society also contributed to the cost.

Early in 2019 the Friends helped to host a visit to the Archives by the Princess Royal and were pleased to show her some of the Friends' purchases, including the only known plan of Gloucester when it was under attack by King

Charles I's army during the English Civil War.

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